Proper Ways Of Caring For Your Diamonds

Diamond owners should remember that the stones do get dirty, soiled and dusty. During regular wear, lotions, powders, soaps and even natural skin oils can leave a film on diamonds at the back resulting in a dull and lifeless look. You may have your stones insured but if you don’t keep them clean and sparkling, they will lose their beauty and brilliance.

Storing the stones and your other jewelry collection in a safe place or in a bank safe deposit box is a good start in taking extra precautions for your diamonds. Make sure that you keep them under lock and key when not worn. Keep in mind, though, not to place one diamond jewelry together with other diamonds. You can either wrap each of them in a plastic bag, a small pouch or a tissue. The reason is that a diamond can actually cut another diamond so keeping two pieces together in a single container can result in scratches on the surface or cause other problems.

Caring for the stone When not wearing your diamond, put it in its box or in another safe place. Avoid wearing your jewelry when playing sports, doing physical exercises or doing rough work such as working in the garden. Doing heavy work can cause damage to your diamond ring. You may scratch it, bend the settings or cause other problems. In worse cases, you may even lose the diamond out of the setting.

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Proper Cleaning For Different Jewelry Types

Jewelries are valuable possessions that need to be cared for with meticulousness. These are made of substances that are extremely susceptible to discoloration if not properly cleaned. Knowledge on the correct methods of cleaning different types of jewelry is a must for everybody who has put a large investment into such items. Regardless of the type you own, it has to be remembered that these materials come in sky high prices thus the need to keep them spotless.

Gold pieces need to be stored in a closed container lined in velvet. The lining prevents the gold from eventually disintegrating as in common fabrics like cotton. It is also advised to stock one trinket a box otherwise the likelihood of frequent rubbing against each other’s surface. As to the cleaning process, jewelers know the best techniques. If you prefer a DIY method though, make sure that each spot is thoroughly brushed with any soft bristled cleaner. It is also important to dry the pieces thoroughly before storage.

Silver trinkets are similar to gold but require less thoroughness in terms of cleaning. Pre-mixed solutions that best remove dirt and stains are usually sold in shops and department stores. However, there are also ways you can do at home that are just as effective. A drop of dishwashing liquid mixed with a cup of water does well in loosening dirt adhering to the surface. Again, you can finally brush off tough grime with a toothbrush. Finally, dabbing it dry with soft cloth finishes off the procedure prior to storage.

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Essential Tips For Effective Cleaning of the Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most valuable possessions that epitomize wealth and riches. Women indulge in accumulating all sorts of trinkets in order to adorn them to suit several occasions. However, ensuring proper care and maintenance of these precious beautification accessories can be a daunting and challenging task.

It is extremely important to ensure longevity and durability of precious stones and materials that are increasingly being used in the manufacture of these exquisite ornaments. Here are some useful tips that can certainly enable one to secure the uniqueness of their valuable possessions:

One of the most fundamental ways of systematizing the collection of jewels is by effectively storing them in the jewelry boxes. This is primarily done to avoid the instance of tarnishing of the materials that may lead to the wear and tear of the charms. One can even categorize their possessions by segregating formal and informal accessories in two different boxes.

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