Cleaning Jewelry By Yourself

Whether it is silver, gold, platinum, or diamond, you can be assured that they are safe to clean at home and all by yourself. All you need is a few non-abrasive jewelry cleaners such as a soft cloth and a jewelry polish. If you find shallow scratches on your jewelry, there is absolutely no need to panic because they can be polished and removed.

If you have different sets of jewelry you will need to separate them from one another before proceeding with the cleaning part. Separate diamonds and place them in one container and do the same with gold, platinum, and silver jewelries. This way, you will not get confused when you start to clean them. It will also save you time if you finish cleaning one set first before cleaning another.

Clean jewelries made of diamond and other hard stones first. You will need a strong cleaning solution for this one so begin by taking ammonia and mixing it with warm water. The ratio should be one part ammonia and three parts water. You can also add some dish soap if you’d like to. After that, clean your diamonds using a small brush dipped in the solution. Let them dry and store them away safely.

When it comes to silver, your problem would be removing tarnish. You will only need a mild solution in cleaning silver so a mixture of water and baking soda will be enough. This will produce a paste solution that you will use to rub in the silver. However, if the tarnish is quite heavy, add a few drops of ammonia and dish soap to warm water and use it as a cleaning solution. Finally, use a soft cloth to dry the jewelry.

Gold and platinum jewelry are easier to clean since they don’t tarnish and they are not as hard as diamond. You will also need the same solution that you used with cleaning silver only this time you don’t mix in ammonia. Dip your cleaning brush into the solution made of warm water and dish soap and then gently brush the jewelry. Again, dry the pieces with a soft dry cloth before keeping them.

While diamonds, gold, platinum, and silver jewelries are safe to clean, there are certain types of jewelry stone that needs to be handled by professional jewelers alone. In case you are not sure of the class of jewelry stone you own, it would be safer if you just take it to be cleaned by a pro.